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Small businesses wonder about reopening plans, state mandates moving forward

Small business advocates say they need to be considered when state officials outline the steps that will be necessary to reopen in the ‘new normal’.

“We understand that there will be some new public health and safety requirements, probably wearing masks and sanitation and disinfecting procedures,” said Greg Biryla to He serves as New York State director of the National Federation of Independent Business. “There has to be a balance. I think high density big box department stores have to be looked at differently than a boutique on Park Avenue. They’re different metrics, they’re not the same type of businesses.”

How that all unfolds is important; and some say communication is going to be pivotal in making it happen effectively for everyone.

“Particularly small business who don’t have HR departments, don’t have legal teams, what’s expected of them needs to be clear,” he said.

Some have wondered how small businesses with one or two employees will be treated as New York ‘reviews’ individual plans. Will they have to be reviewed individually, or will industries be reviewed? These are questions that people like Biryla will continue to seek answers.

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