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Eastview Mall talks reopening, submits plan to NYS for approval

Eastview Mall has submitted a plan to reopen.

At least in Phase 2 of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reopening plan for New York’s economy.

“Very strange. This is a place that should have a lot of people in it,” Mike Kauffman told 13WHAM. “When we closed up at the end of the day on March 19, almost every store just locked up and left. Basically, if you walked in right now, it would look just like it did on March 19th.”

He says mall management has been getting to work coming up with a plan for how the shopping center will reopen.

Last week, they submitted the plan to Governor Cuomo’s office.

“That focuses on very stringent cleaning procedures, employee protocols,” he said. “When someone comes into work, we need to make sure they are healthy and not running a temperature. Also, lots of signage and reminders of social distancing and wearing masks.”

Sanitizing, social distancing, and mask wearing are viewed as the crucial components to reopening the region’s malls.