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Oaks Corners Post Office shuts down, residents scramble to get mail in Phelps

How do you get your mail?

In the hamlet of Oaks Corners people go to the post office to get it. There is no delivery, and now, the post office doesn’t even have a home. It operated out of a residence on County Road 6.

The property owner told USPS that they would not be renewing the lease 15 months ago. But, it doesn’t appear as though USPS paid very close attention.

According to the Finger Lakes Times, approximately 20 people get their mail from this post office. “This causes a major problem for those of us who live in the hamlet, because home mail delivery has never been made available,” said Brian Maney, a longtime Oaks Corners firefighter told the Times. “We have always had to walk or drive to the Oaks Corners post office, where post office boxes were provided free of charge. Now we have to drive to the village of Phelps, which is difficult for some of our older residents.”

Residents who get their mail at the Oaks Corners Post Office were told that they could pick up at the Phelps Post Office. It’s a challenge, mainly because of the hours that the facility operates.

Officials with the USPS say they are working on a solution, which will include community input – in form of a public meeting. But the COVID-19 pandemic has put that on hold.