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Newark stabbing victim speaks out as recovery continues

The victim of a violent attack at a bar in the village of Newark is speaking out.

Matt Virts was attacked during the early-morning hours of Sunday, March 8th. “I remember being picked up off the floor, and one of the security guards was assisting me to the back,” he said, recalling the moments after he was stabbed.

Virts said a man was making derogatory comments about his sexual orientation, according to 13WHAM. He thinks more than one person was involved in the attack.

“For a person or a group of people to commit such a hateful act, I feel like they must, themselves, have been through a lot of turmoil in their own life,” Virts said.

He was airlifted, and required surgery, but recovered. “I had approximately 32 staples that were put into my chest,” he told 13WHAM. “I just hope people understand and take my story and that somebody else doesn’t have to go through something like this, because it was traumatic,” he continued. “I hope that they can find peace within themselves to understand that the things they did to me or to other people and how they treat people is not OK.”