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Officials say employers need to give workers more information if laying them off

Labor officials in Albany are calling on employers across New York to provide workers with the necessary information to file for unemployment insurance.

New York State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said a major roadblock for finalizing, or even simply slowing down claims, is that many do not have the employer’s registration numbers, or employer identification numbers.

These pieces of information are necessary to get through the process.

“Applying for unemployment benefits can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially during a public health crisis, and we all have a responsibility to help ease the burden on New Yorkers who are out of work,” Reardon said.

“The number one reason New Yorkers’ applications are incomplete is because they are missing Federal Employer Identification Numbers — and today we are reminding businesses they are legally required to provide this information so former employees can easily file complete applications and access the benefits they deserve.”

New York State sent guidance to employers. More than $3 billion in unemployment benefits have been paid out by New York during the pandemic.

Across the U.S. 30 million have now filed jobless claims.