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Seniors deal with anxiety over sign-up issues with Medicare

Medicare has gotten a little complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advocates say there has been a challenge observed for seniors trying to apply for Medicare ‘Part B’, which is the portion of the coverage that handles lab tests, and other outpatient medical items.

Social Security handles eligibility, and it appears that is where the issue lies. Mainly, in the way those claims or issues are handled.

Typically, social security offices are open. Now, most interactions must be handled over the phone or online. Wait times of more than 90 minutes have been reported in recent days.

There are also a lot of required documents. Especially for those who worked past 65.

It’s caused anxiety for seniors across the U.S., and locally, there are concerns – as some rural communities in the region skew older-than-average.

Medicare has gotten a little complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as has all senior care with isolation, hesitation, and more. Many families are rushing to figure out ways to stay connected via webcam, distanced visits and more. Sales for the best medical alerts are through the roof to make sure any seniors still living alone during the pandemic have a life line should anything happen unexpectedly. 

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