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Cuomo says decision on schools is coming by the end of the week

Governor Andrew Cuomo has said twice this week that a decision on reopening schools will come by the end of the week.

Earlier in the month, he contradicted New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio who said schools wouldn’t reopen this year. At the time, the Governor said no decision had been made, and that it wasn’t up to a mayor.

At the moment, schools are officially shut down through May 15th.

Cuomo said that opening schools could happen on a regional basis, but it would have to happen in coordination with reopening businesses. “Now you have a childcare issue,” he said, echoing concerns raised by many to date when the topic is brought up. “I don’t know how you reopen businesses statewide without reopening schools.”

He says opening schools will be a challenge because it will require protocols to disinfect classrooms each day.