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NY Dept. of Labor says personal information went to wrong people

New Yorkers who have filed for unemployment insurance have a new problem to worry about. This includes having your personal information sent to the wrong people, or in some cases, many people.

Officials from the Department of Labor say they know of of approximately two dozen individuals who have been impacted, according to They spoke with individuals who received other people’s information in the packet mailed to them by the state.

The form that was received by those individuals was a ‘monetary determination of benefits’ letter. This is what establishes whether you have a claim or not.

The Department of Labor, for it’s part, is asking people who receive another person’s private information to do the following:

– Destroy the personal information; and contact The Department of Labor.

“A small group of individuals received an errant sheet of paper in a recent mailing due to a mechanical issue with a mail sorting machine — we have been in touch with everyone we know who has been impacted, to provide them with the correct information on their claim and will offer these individuals one year of free credit and identity theft monitoring services,” DOL officials said in a statement to

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