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Dredging efforts along Lake Ontario underway in Wolcott

Dredging efforts are underway at Blind Sodus Bay in Wayne County.

The work is part of a multi-million-dollar state effort as part of New York’s REDI initiative. That was the legislative and economic relief effort adopted in 2019 to combat widespread, devastating floods along Lake Ontario.

This week’s effort will last 2-5 days and include filling in areas that have been eroded.

Commissioner RoAnn Destito of the Office of General Services said the work is important, and Governor Andrew Cuomo remains committed to the projects.

“Governor Cuomo knows how eager people will be to enjoy all the great outdoor recreational opportunities New York State has to offer once restrictions on activities are lifted, and the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus is minimized,” she said. “We know boaters are looking forward to that day, and the dredging at Blind Sodus Bay will provide them with greater opportunities to access Lake Ontario. It will also help support the tourism-related economic activities this region of the state depends on.”