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School officials say significant planning will be necessary to reopen across NYS

Some people are holding out hope that schools will reopen before the end of the year. School officials say they are ready – whenever that might happen – but the ‘how’ is a tougher question to answer than the ‘when’.

“I want to open tomorrow, but I don’t see it,” Ossining Superintendent Ray Sanchez said. “Everyone wants to know when schools reopen, but the real question is how we reopen. If there will be safety requirements, we have to grapple with that. You want to be optimistic, but realistically, we’re preparing as if schools won’t open soon.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo says extensive plans will be necessary to reopen schools during the coronavirus era. He was reluctant to close schools at the start, and has yet to announce full-plans to reopen the economy, but says that extensive plans will be necessary to reopen schools to prevent a new public health emergency.

Most schools are scheduled for summer break six weeks after the current closure date, which wraps up on May 15th. Many have said that it’s likely students don’t go back this year at all – and instead will return in the fall.

“Schools are closed. There is no plan to reopen schools. Period,” Cuomo said Monday.