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Cuomo, Trump will meet in Washington DC to talk deficit funding

Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump are expected to meet on Tuesday.

The meeting comes as New York faces a $10 to $15 billion budget deficit following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Federal government has said from day one, ‘don’t worry we’re going to provide money for the state,’ yeah don’t worry. I’m worried,” Cuomo said. “I’ve heard this over and over again. My job is very simple. I have one agenda. I have one purpose. I fight for New Yorkers, that is my job.”

He’s leveled criticism continually throughout the process about the lack of federal funding, which he hopes is addressed in a new bill being crafted by Congress and the White House.

Altogether it would cost about $500 billion to make the states ‘whole’ after the pandemic.

If funding doesn’t arrive, the governor says 20% cuts across the board can be expected. But those cuts will come to local governments, schools, and hospitals.