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DEC cites Ontario County Landfill for odors again

The landfill in Ontario County has been cited again.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation issued the notice of violation April 10, citing excessive hydrogen sulfide emissions at the landfill off Routes 5&20 during the first quarter of this year, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

Geneva Town Supervisor Mark Venuti told the FLT that the DEC never issued a violation during his first five years on the Ontario County Board of Supervisors.

“In 2018 and since, the DEC has finally gotten more aggressive and issued a number of formal violations against the operation of the landfill,” Venuti told them. “This is the second based on gas emissions, which for us downwind means odor.”

According to the DEC report, hydrogen sulfide monitoring from January 17th to March 27th showed 48 instances of the landfill exceeding the air-quality standard of 10 parts per billion.

The report shows that January 20th was a particularly bad day for odor particulates.

“DEC continues its strict oversight of the facility and will aggressively pursue any violations, including those in the notice of violation,” said Kevin Frazier to the FLT. He serves as public information officer for the DEC. “DEC evaluates violations on a case-by-case basis. Any future violations will be evaluated, and depending on the nature of the violation could lead to civil or criminal fines and penalties.”