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Masks mandated in grocery stores, for frontline workers, now become the norm for everyone

Get used to masks.

Earlier in the week, Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated that all employees deemed essential, who interact with the public, will have to wear them.

Now, all members of the public who might come into contact with a person, and not be able to maintain social distancing are mandated to do so.

“There are new ideas and new rules every other day and you just have to step up and make the changes,” said Brian McNamara, told WHEC-Tv. He operates a supermarket in the Rochester-area.

He ordered masks long before the mandates came along.

“Back when I ordered them, I thought ‘ Jeepers, is this over the top?’” McNamara joked. “But then, as things progressed, I couldn’t wait for the masks to get here and they finally got here last Wednesday.”

Other grocery store chains – like Wegmans, Tops, and Walmart say they will follow and comply.