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The most iconic NFL games you can rewatch with impressive betting odds

Due to the pandemic that the world is facing today, almost every form of entertainment has been canceled. And yes, much to a lot of people’s disappointment, that also includes the NFL. However, to appease the heart of NFL fans across the globe, the NFL Game Pass, which used to cost you money to subscribe to, is now free, as in no dollars required.

With the free access in the NFL Game Pass, you will be able to watch all the most significant matches from 2009 to 2019. These include the full broadcast of the games, as well as the 45-minute versions. If anything, you can even watch the games in the preseason.

These games are iconic for a good reason. With grueling games and intense matchups, it will make you feel like you’re not stuck in quarantine.

The Best NFL Games to Rewatch

The games may have stopped, but it would never scratch the itch of us craving some action on the field. With the NFL Game Pass free, you can relive those glorious moments where your favorite teams face each other to get the championship.

Speaking of the hype games that we watch over the years, here are some of them that you can watch and will make you grip the edges of your seats in excitement once again. At the same time, you can also go to this page for the NFL draft prop bets as you look forward to next year’s NFL season.

2009 NFC East Week 15 Cowboys Vs. Saints

It was the week before Christmas and also their first season, the Cowboys went into the AT&T Stadium to duke it out against the undefeated Saints.

As the ball was passed from Tony Romo to Miles Austin, Marion Barber then did a scoring run for a touchdown. As if it was not enough, Marion Barber scored again in the second half. The victory was caused by a pair of Drew Brees fumbles caused by DeMarcus Ware.

Cowboys Vs. Broncos 2013

If you like two super teams racking up points to outdo the other, then try watching the matchup between the Cowboys and the Broncos back in 2013. An intense battle between two QBs, namely Peyton Manning and Tony Romo, occurred as they passed the ball across the field. However, the game ended as Matt Prater made a winning field goal as time expired, with the victory going to the Broncos, 51-48.

Super Bowl LI

If you are a fan of the Super Bowl, then the Super Bowl LI back in 2017 is one of the most iconic and most hyped super bowls of all time. With the biggest comeback in league history, unlikely finishes, and unbelievable plays made by fantastic players, the Super Bowl back in 2017 can be called one of the classics.

This is also an excellent time to revisit as it is still back when Tom Brady can still make plays as a quarterback, making you happy to be a New England fan.

Jets Vs. Chargers 2010

More than a week has passed, and the Jets will be on the field again to face the Chargers who are on a 13 win streak. The best play in the game was made by Shonn Greene, who made a 53-yard touchdown that gave the Gang Green a significant double-digit advantage, which ultimately led to a win.

NFC East 2010 Week 10 Cowboys Vs. Giants

After the midseason firing of Jason Garrett, Wade Philips took the headset to assume the position. Although the game itself is not necessarily a light out performance by both teams, the stadium lost its light, literally, and caused a 15-minute delay in the game.

Jon Kitna also replaced the injured Tony Romo as quarterback making it his third start in the season. Even then, he gave a stellar performance by passing 327 yards across the field, as well as providing three touchdowns to the team. One in which passed to rookie Dez Bryant, leading them to win the game.

This was the first match of Jason Garrett as a coach and was also his first win against the Giants.

Super Bowl XLVI

The Super Bowl XLVI is the one chance where the Patriots can have their revenge on the Giants. It was not long ago that the Giants went against the Patriots’ undefeated streak by winning the Super Bowl itself.

Instead of having their revenge, the Giants won the Super Bowl magnificently by securing the championship, which is their second championship after six years. Also, Tom Brady was outplayed by Eli Manning by stealing the MVP trophy.


Much to the fans’ disappointment, the NFL might have been canceled due to the pandemic. However, there is still a way for you to enjoy the NFL while you are staying at home for the foreseeable future. Enjoy the NFL Game pass while you still can, or before the pandemic blows over. And while there are no new games to look out for, the NFL Game Pass is free for you to use.

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