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After smooth transition to digital conferencing, courts across NYS expand scope of those efforts amid pandemic

Court is going digital … again.

According to 7th Judicial District Administrative Judge, Craig J. Doran, thanks to the ongoing efforts of judges across the region they will widen the scope of matters considered under virtual chambers.

“Because we have successfully transitioned to a virtual court system, we are able to turn our attention to certain court matters in addition to those initially deemed ‘essential’,” Doran said.

He noted that the reduction of foot-traffic, and the health and safety of those working in the court system remains a top priority.

Last month he announced that all non-essential functions of the court were postponed until further notice. Doran also announced at the time that each county’s court operations were consolidated into one building and virtual courtroom technology would be utilized for cases deemed essential.

“Because we have been able to successfully manage essential cases via virtual courtroom technology, we are now prepared to advance to the next step by widening the scope of cases to further ensure that the vitally important business before our courts continues,” Doran continued in a statement to the press on Monday.

Through remote access, a vast majority of the Judges across New York State started conferencing additional, existing, and pending cases in accordance with New York State Chief Judge, Janet DiFiore’s goal to open-up access – remote access – beyond what was previously considered essential.

“Our target was to have most of our Judges and their chambers’ staff equipped with the technology required to conduct virtual conferences by end-of-business,” Doran added. “Through the dedication and round-the-block effort from our technology team, Judges and staff, we are well-positioned to reach that goal in the 7th Judicial District.”

Individuals with court-related questions are encouraged to call their designated county courthouse. Contact information for courthouses within the 7th Judicial District is available online at Information on accessing the Volunteer Legal Service of Monroe County’s Virtual Legal Help Center can also be found on this webpage.