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6 Ways to Help Your Business Quickly Adapt to Remote Working

COVID-19 means that businesses are having to adapt quickly or run the risk of shutting down forever. Social distancing rules mean that everybody has to start working at home. This is going to be a new process for a lot of businesses and their employees. However, remote working technology now allows companies to adapt and continue with their business despite the coronavirus. Let’s take a look at how you can help your business quickly adapt to remote working.

Create a Digital Office Space

Of course, your employees are not in the office right now. They cannot collaborate on projects face-to-face. But this does not mean that all communication has to stop. In fact, there are many ways you can stay in contact with your team during this time. For example, make sure that everybody downloads a communication app like Slack or Trello so that you can send and receive messages quickly. Everyone can keep in contact during working hours.

Use Online Search and Writing Tools

When everybody is doing remote work, it can be difficult to have the support everybody normally has. But this just means that the team has to adapt. One way you can do this is by using writing services for research. For example, you can view essays on business and learn from free business essay samples online. There are plenty of business essay examples that you can check out at This can help your team get all of the data and research they need to continue to do their job from home.

Hold Meetings by Video

Do you often run meetings during the week to help with team motivation and efficiency? You can still do this during lockdown by using the right tools. In particular, you will benefit from using video calling collaboration tools. This is going to let you see and communicate with your team at any point during the day.

Provide Remote Working Training

Working from home is not easy. While everybody thinks it is great, to begin with, distractions can soon start to inhibit productivity. If you want to make sure that everyone gets their work done during normal working hours, remote working training might be necessary. Nobody knows how long the lockdown is going to last for the coronavirus. So, investing in training now can pay off later on. Teach your employees the best ways to be productive working from home, from creating the right office space to getting regular breaks.

Regular Email Updates

During COVID-19, people are worried. As the boss, it is your job to reassure your staff and make sure that they are kept up-to-date with everything that is going on. The best way to do this is by sending everyone regular email updates. Let them know what is happening and the new procedures that are in place. Keeping everybody in the loops maintains a sense of normality and lets everybody know you have not forgotten about them.

Choose One Collaborative Platform

There are a lot of fantastic collaborative platforms out there that you can use as a base for remote working with a team. But it is also easy to get confused if you use too many. The best thing you can do for your team is to choose one and stick to it. Perhaps this is Google Drive or using Trello. Pick one platform and teach all of your employees how to use it properly. Everyone can drop their files here and make comments on other documents. Everyone can continue to work together despite being apart during COVID-19.

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