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Small business owners along Lake Ontario worry about flood risk

As if small business owners and employees didn’t have enough to worry about amid a global health crisis and pandemic — some are looking at nearby waters with concern.

One of those concerns is that of high water levels along Lake Ontario.

Mike McKeon, the owner of Silk O’Loughlin’s, completely shutdown as COVID-19 spread. He did it out of caution for his employees.

Even if he’s able to reopen, though, there are concerns about what water levels will to do his business, which sits along Lake Ontario.

“After the last three years, I’m kind of used to it by now. There is nothing you can do. You have to wait out. You can get as frustrated as you want, but that’s not going to do any good,” McKeon told 13WHAM. “I can’t even think about it. Let’s get this get over with and then when we get to that point in time, we’ll deal with it then.”

Lake levels are approximately 2 feet below record-levels that caused severe flooding in 2017 and 2019.

Wayne, Cayuga, and Monroe counties were among hardest hit those years in the region.