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Why aren’t streets being disinfected? Turns out it isn’t that reliable

Why aren’t streets being sprayed? In other countries that is happening, which made some wonder: Why not in any part of New York?

Well, Monroe County Public Health Commissioner Dr. Mike Mendoza tells News10NBC that there aren’t any identifiable or reliable chemicals to spray to keep streets and high-traffic areas free of the virus.

Little is known about the virus at this point.

“To the best of our knowledge there isn’t a chemical that we can identify that will kill all these chemical viruses on the street,” Dr. Mendoza said. “That is something that’s early. I think we’re still looking into that.”

He maintains that social distancing is the best practice. “If people aren’t on the streets, there’s going to be no need to spray the streets,” Dr. Mendoza said. “So we want to encourage people to stay at home whenever possible, and if they’re going to go out to wear that face-covering because again if they were to cough or sneeze then, you know none of the viral particles would be on the ground.”