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Volunteer effort in Canandaigua delivers meals to frontline workers

A volunteer effort in Canandaigua is taking on feeding those who are on the front lines of the pandemic battle.

“It was one evening that my husband and I, and my dad, were just sitting around the kitchen table having dinner, and all of us just shaking our heads, saying this is just clearly unbelievable,” Karen Taft told 13WHAM. “I just kept coming back to the front line workers and our first responders,” she continued, “and I kept thinking how food can help. how food can make people feel better.”

Taft and a group of volunteers created the Canandaigua Cares GoFundMe campaign, which supports local restaurants buying food that will be delivered to frontline healthcare workers at facilities around Canandaigua.

Those facilities include F.F. Thompson Hospital, Ewing Continuing Care Center, the Canandaigua VA Hospital, who continue to work through the pandemic.

“We’re going to do it effectively, efficiently, and safely,” Taft added. “We’re going to have a very small group going into restaurants, picking up the food and delivering it as well.”

They will be delivering upwards of 450 meals through the process. Originally, the goal was to raise $5,000, but the effort quickly surpassed that figure – as residents chipped in to help.