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New Yorkers adhering to social distancing protocol, per Siena Poll

An overwhelming majority of New York residents said they are quarantining or practicing social distancing in a poll conducted by Siena College.

It shows 95 percent of people in New York are keeping their distance of at least six feet from others, in addition to staying at home to ease the effects of the virus.

Of those surveyed, 42 percent are self-quarantining – while only four percent are going about life as usual. The survey showed that 77 percent are either somewhat or very concerned that the impact of coronavirus will cause them serious financial problems.

Approximately 66 percent of New Yorkers say that their anxiety level is up or feel powerless and wish there was something more they could do in the face of the virus.

“Despite being forced to change the way we live, being worried about our health and the health of everyone we care about, concerned about our financial well-being, and having to live with the uncertainty as to when this will ever end, an overwhelming number of New Yorkers say that they are getting a chance to appreciate – whether by watching old movies, playing games or just being together – having extra time with those that they are close to. And, with all the things to worry about – health, money, food and bills – most of us say that we feel like we are enjoying the small things even more now than before,” said Don Levy, SCRI Director to

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