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Will masks become a mandated policy? Not everywhere, but face coverings could become the norm soon across U.S.

Masks are coming.

The Centers for Disease Control is expected to unveil new recommendations in the near-future about the use of masks.

While they haven’t been recommended — and they will not be forced onto residents — their use will be widely encouraged.

The thought process from health professionals is that it will prevent people from touching their mouth and nose, which will be a good thing — and will reduce the rate of unknown transmission.

President Donald Trump said Thursday that new recommendations on masks are “coming soon,” although he said they would not be mandatory. On Thursday, several national media outlets reported that the recommendation would be coming soon.

In some places, like Loredo, Texas — a $1,000 fine has been attached to the policy. If you don’t wear something to cover your face — expect a fine in places like that.

But, the Finger Lakes and Upstate New York is a long way from mandated coverage. That said, an increasing number of people are wearing them into public spaces as a precaution.

At this point, the biggest challenge for getting access to masks is the scarcity of them. Healthcare workers are struggling to get them — and fear is that if the general public begins usage — that scarcity will increase for those who need them most.