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Student announcements go virtual in Newark as kids take over morning update

Kelley School fifth grader Matiece Miller is spending some of her time at home this week as an online KSK News anchor, videotaping the grades 3-5 morning announcements. School officials say they are being posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The first day, the video was watched more than 150 times on Twitter.

Jen Strazzabosco, the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) teacher at Kelley who oversees the production of the morning announcements in school, last week asked Miller if she would be willing to be the KSK anchor from home this week.

Miller was one of several students who has previously served as an in-school anchor and camera person for KSK news during the 2019-20 school year.

This week she’s reading and videotaping the announcements on her school-assigned laptop. Her mother, Tracy Larson, assists nearby as her online PowerPoint “page turner” of the announcements Strazzabosco sends the fifth grader each day to read.

In keeping with NCSD’s first day of NCSD’s virtual Theme Week, Miller wore district colors and even brought her puppy Maddie into the production.

 “It’s really fun,’’ Miller said shortly after the KSK news update.

Strazzabosco is thrilled so many Kelley students are watching the announcements.

She says the KSK morning announcements, which are being posted by 10 a.m., add an important element to Kelley School students’ days.

“I think it is helpful during the shutdown to have consistency, a routine and for kids to be able to see each other,’’ she explained, noting that many teachers are using videoconferencing software that virtually permit classmates to see each as they ‘meet’ online with their teacher.


Twitter posts can be seen from the page in the lower left hand part of the page. People can also search

Kelley Principal Jeff Hamelinck is pleased the daily announcements are back while school is shut down.

“It’s amazing to see the leadership of Matiece and Mrs. Strazzabosco. I look forward to seeing Matiece’s beautiful smile and hearing the day’s news,” Hamelinck said.