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Tips on staying healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re keeping healthy to try protect against the virus. Some might also be concerned about how they’re going to be able to stick to their healthy lifestyle when having to stay inside. 

Staying at home will massively reduce your risk of becoming infected, and will help stop others contracting the virus too. Maybe before this time you went to the gym a few times a week to keep fit, or meal prepped healthy lunches for the working week or had a strong sleep pattern. Staying inside doesn’t mean you have to give these up, but there are some things you can do. 

It’s a unique situation hardly any of us will have found ourselves in before and can be daunting to feel like you’re trapped indoors. Therefore, following these few tips can be hugely beneficial for both our physical and mental health to stay healthy. 

Even by following advice to stay home, you’re already one step closer to keeping healthy. So we’ve put together the best advice and tips for maintaining your healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Sleep Well

Sleep is an essential part of life and crucial for all-round health and wellbeing. Having a good night’s sleep can help relieve the heightened stress and anxiety you may have at this time. A lack of sleep can also cause more stress and put our bodies under strain- which won’t help us fight off disease. 

Sleep is also the body’s chance to regenerate and recover- so the quality of your sleep matters too. One thing that can help, especially with those that struggle with sleep anyway, is a supplement. 

But, make sure you’re looking for a natural product with top ingredients like Montmorency Tart Cherry– which is the highest natural source of melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that promotes better sleep quality and supports a healthy body clock and sleep cycle. Supplements with synthetic melatonin won’t address your stress or muscle aches unlike natural sources. 

If you’re working from home in this outbreak, taking a sleep supplement and having high quality sleep will make you more productive the next day too. 

  1. Strengthen your immune system

Getting all the essential vitamins and minerals is always important, but more now than ever before. It may also be difficult to get hold of your usual food and healthier, fresher options at the supermarkets right now while everyone panic-buys. 

Ensuring you have a strong, working immune system will help reduce the impact of COVID-19 if you were to catch it, and hopefully aid a swift recovery. During this time, taking a multivitamin will make this easier for you and support your immune functions. 

The best multivitamins will contain 100% of your daily intake and needs, so you can be confident you’re still getting the nutrients you need every day. Vitamins A, C, D3 and Zinc support different cellular functions of our immune system. 

Again, look for a multivitamin that is natural with no unnecessary ingredients to bulk them out. Multivitamins can help your cardiovascular health, digestion, brain and nervous system too. They’re also great for supporting your everyday diet, by filling any nutritional gaps. If you are looking for digestive supplements that can clear your body from toxins, check out these hum daily cleanse reviews.

  1. Home workouts

There are a plethora of workouts online and on social media that you can do at home, so you don’t have to worry about losing progress or not getting your exercise in. 

From HIIT classes to yoga, you only need to do a quick search online to find something you want to try that doesn’t require any equipment. Personal trainers have been keeping busy during the outbreak by creating many free home workouts for everyone. If you don’t mind paying, there are some great apps available too. 

Still try to get in your 30 minutes of exercise a day, as this is still beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing. Keeping to a varied schedule that gets you up and moving is a great idea. And if you have your own home gym- even better!

Although it’s important to stay inside, you can still go outside and get some fresh air and some exercise- such as a run, walk or cycle.

  1.  Eat healthy food

Just because you’re at home all the time now, doesn’t mean you have to start snacking on sugary food all the time. However tempting! Make the effort and take the time to make healthy food high in nutrients. 

Again, there’s loads of free healthy recipes online and some nutritionists on Instagram are giving away advice at this time too. So, if you can manage to find some fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, there’s definitely some simple ideas out there to inspire you. 

Eating healthily will also boost your immune system. Foods like: spinach, peppers, yogurt, citrus fruits, and green tea are great choices to include alongside staying hydrated. There’s not one quick fix, but diet, age and exercise are all contributing factors to maintaining a strong immune system over time. 

Also, try to avoid drinking too much alcohol as too much can affect our systems. Drinking too much can also put our bodies under strain and dehydrate- which will mean you’ll lose the nutrients you’ve put in.

  1. Keep the house clean 

Even if you or no one in your household has the virus, making sure your house stays clean is another key thing you can do in your bid to stay healthy. 

We all know the biggest thing we can do is wash our hands frequently and when we enter somewhere, but don’t forget about the high-touch surfaces around your home or where you’re spending your time. 

High-touch surfaces are things like door-handles, kitchen worktops, TV remotes and lightswitches, among many others. Coronavirus is capable of living on surfaces like stainless steel and plastic for 2-3 days, so it’s strongly recommended we continue cleaning our homes most days. 

We should be doing a bit of both cleaning and disinfecting, because this will remove any contaminants and kill pathogens. All you need is some soapy water and some disinfectant spray to clean effectively.

Even though the risk of transmission from surfaces is less risky than from person-to-person, adding these quick steps to our daily routines will help keep our homes safe from the virus. 


These are just a handful of easy ways to make sure you’re staying healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak. And how you can try to maintain your lifestyle without leaving the house. 

Making some healthy choices at home could reduce your risk of more severe symptoms if you were to get Coronavirus. And trying to create a routine might help us feel a bit more at ease. However you’re passing the time, your mental and physical health will benefit- even when the outbreak is over.

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