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International Students In The US: Statistics

2018 to 2019 marks the highest academic years in terms of international students in the USA. This is the fourth consecutive year having more than one million international students and the percentage increases every year. All these students are acting as prominent contributors to the US economy. According to data from the US Department of Commerce, all these international students contributed a whopping amount of $44.7 billion. College in the United States is considered as the top destination to pursue education as compared to other colleges and universities in the world.

“We are happy to see the continued growth in the number of international students in the United States and US students studying abroad,” said Marie Royce, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. This promotes international students’ mobility, and they learn a lot apart from their course books. Before applying for international programs, students generally search for how many universities in the US or how many college students in the US so that they can plan their university and degree accordingly. Usually, most of the students studying in the USA belong to China or India and they opt for fields related to mathematics, engineering or Computer Science.

Why do international students choose US colleges?

The prior reasons to opt for American universities are the quality of education they provide and the flexible environment, which helps them to grow. Having 50% of the world’s top universities and colleges make this place the central hub to acquire higher education. Highly accredited faculty, advanced technology and research capabilities of these universities make them stand out from the rest. Getting a degree from these reputed institutions distinguish one from the rest of the peers and provide better career experiences. Following are the few top-ranked universities in America which people dream of studying from.

  • Columbia University

  • Johns Hopkins University

  • Michigan State University

  • Washington State University

  • Northeastern University

Being a leader in technology and research, students studying in the USA have expertise in the research field and have numerous essay publications under their names to make their mark in their respective fields. If you are also planning to pursue your masters or PhD then it is better to start working on your publications. Look out for examples that can help you to create something of your own. Search for essays on education at or any other reliable source which can provide one with purposeful material to add value or can help to create impactful research. And you’ll get known why US colleges are so popular abroad.

What are the benefits of the US education system?

If we talk about the best or most successful educational institutions on the planet, then US colleges and universities would top the list. Following are the few benefits provided by the American educational system:

Lower risk of academic failure

This education system being flexible does not force students to stick to the degree they opted for initially. Since most of the young people, while enrolling in universities, are unsure how they’ll make through the university in these four years and if they actually have interest in the field, which fascinated them from outside. This education system allows students to switch their degrees or majors till sophomore and at that point of time, they are quite sure which career they would love to pursue.

Diversity and Inclusion

If we look at the number of students in American educational institutions, then almost 32% of them are international students who create a diverse and mixed environment of different cultures from all over the world. These universities deliberately provide grants and admissions to international students so that diverse communities prosper. They provide an overwhelming range of courses and programs to choose from so that most of the students can get their hands on something of their interest.

Enriching Student Experience

Overall experience in these institutions is generally described as practical and interactive. These universities provide the best opportunities for their students regarding networking and interaction with high-profile individuals who share life long lessons with them. Open discussion sessions are conducted for students which involve them in debate and develop an all-round state of mind for students to help them think in different perspectives and allows them to respect other people’s opinions.

Weekly assignments

This weekly assignment system allows students to study on a day to day basis rather than cramming the whole syllabus at the end of the semester. It helps students to develop organized study skills, which serves them as a lifelong asset for them.

Global Recognition

The prestige offered by these universities is unmatchable and is recognized all over the world. Their academic excellence is acknowledged by everyone, and they maintain a reputation regarding their rigorous educational policies and unparalleled student experience. A recent survey showed that out of 100 top-ranked universities in the world, 42 were American universities.

Lately, many students are availing this opportunity to study abroad and polish their skills, most of the students prefer to go for American institutions due to their credibility and recognition. Students who preferred to live and study abroad proved to be more flexible and motivated as compared to the ones living in their hometowns. It also helps to polish your personality and makes one more confident with amazing communication skills. All students studying in America will surely agree that this place has a deep impact on their lives, and this is the prominent step towards their life goals. All those students who are planning to study abroad should look out for an essay about education so that they get an idea of what to expect in the near future.

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