Can you beat the dealer in Blackjack?

Blackjack is the most popular game in US casinos – both online and land-based. If you ask black jack enthusiasts why they love the game, you’ll hear two kinds of responses:

1. Because the game is easy

2. Because you have the best chance of winning

Which of these is true?

Well, both of them.

Blackjack does have very simple basic rules (although there are variations and side bets that can get more complicated). Blackjack, when played with the best strategy, also has the lowest overall house edge of all casino games.

The Basic Rules

Blackjack is also called Twenty-one because 21, but that name is a little misleading. If you are dealt a ten-valued card (a 10 or any face card) and an ace, then you have blackjack. This is an unbeatable hand (although it can be tied if the dealer also has blackjack).

You can get the value of 21 by many combinations (for example: 10, 7, and 4). The only combination that will beat this hand is blackjack.

Going over 21 (for example, 10, 7, and 5) is a bust and means that you lose.

How to Beat the Dealer

1. Forget about 21

Many players lose because they are trying to reach 21. Your goal in blackjack is not to reach 21. It is to beat the dealer. If you beat the dealer holding a 13 or with a 20 because the dealer busts, you win exactly the same amount. So what does that mean? Forget about getting 21. Focus on beating the dealer. Your cards, dealer’s cards, and nothing else.

2. Forget about sucker bets

Beating the dealer over the course of multiple games means that you avoid sucker bets. By sucker bets, we mean the games with many side bets and purchasing insurance. Side bets are high risk bets with a potential for a big pay out. However the odds are so poor, you’re much more likely to lose. The insurance bet is never a smart bet with an infinite deck like you’ll find online, so just avoid it.

3. Play the winning strategy

Because blackjack’s rules have not changed for hundreds of years, some very intelligent people have figured out the best strategy for it. Best strategy doesn’t mean that it will always win, but it lowers the house’s edge, which is what you want to do for playing over a long period.

Developing a winning strategy means that you need an understanding of when to split, surrender, and double down. You need strategy cards specifically made for the version of blackjack you’re playing, And of course, it’s best to start out ahead of the house with a good welcome bonus. You can learn about all this at

There you’ll find pages dedicated to strategy, finding bonuses, and reviews of all the online casinos in New Jersey.

4. Practice!

Winning takes practice and drilling. Play blackjack at low stakes to practice your strategy. Bump up your bid when you’re ready.