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Officials: Stay home if you’re a second home owner in Yates County

As part of the effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Chairman of the Yates County Legislature, Douglas Paddock, is asking tourists and second home owners to follow state and federal mandates that people stay home until they get past the pandemic.

“Yates County welcomes its seasonal residents and visitors. In normal times, the county’s emergency services and medical facilities are capable of providing excellent care,” he said. “However, these are not normal times. Because Yates County is rural and has a normal population of approximately 25,000 people, its emergency and medical community are limited in their ability to serve a large number of patients requiring higher levels of care as experienced with COVID-19 and other illnesses.”

He said the County’s hospital – Soldiers & Sailors Hospital in Penn Yan is “small and incapable” of handling a large influx of patients. “Our stores are likely to have difficulty providing supplies to a large population,” Paddock added.

There is no travel ban currently in New York State nor is there a New York State requirement for individuals to be quarantined for fourteen days who are coming back to New York State from another state or anyone coming into Yates County from another location.

Yates County Public Health Director Deb Minor is alerting any visitors to follow the same precautions set forth for all community members:

– Stay home as much as possible.
– If you must go out into our community, practice social distancing by maintaining six feet from one another.
– If you are ill, isolate yourself and call your healthcare provider.
– Wash your hands often.

“We understand that this is an unsettling time,” County Administrator Winona Flynn said. “We are focused on decreasing population density. Together we can slow spread of the virus and protect those at highest risk for serious illness.”