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Finger Lakes Tea Company offers statement on COVID-19 & tips for choosing the right tea for better health

We wanted to send out a statement in regard to the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. We are taking things very seriously and have sent most of our employees home to work remotely. We wanted to assure everyone that our teas are harvested the prior year in the springtime in China, before the COVID-19 outbreak, so our teas are safe and meet the highest quality and safety standards. Teas have been selling out incredibly fast in major markets, and prices are rising. However, we have decided that we will not be increasing our prices, as the health and wellness of our customers is the most important to us in these trying times.

Below is a list of teas that may help in keeping you healthy during these challenging times.

Disclaimer: Teas are not medicine, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please check with your doctor to see if any of these teas would benefit you.


Honeysuckle is used for: Relieving upper respiratory tract infections including colds, the flu, and pneumonia; fevers; urinary disorders; headache; decrease inflammation.

Bitter Tea is used for: Detoxification; sore throats; colds, flu; improving circulation

Ginger is used for: fighting germs; calms nausea; protects against chronic diseases; relieves cough, headaches

Chrysanthemum is used for: reducing inflammation; detoxification; good for the eyes

Aloe is used for: reducing inflammation; improving immunity

Lavender is used for: reducing anxiety; reducing symptoms of depression; reducing pain associated with menstrual cramps

Lily is used for: clearing lungs; reducing cough; mucus

Lemon is used for: improving immunity; detoxification

Apple Blossom is used for: Detoxification; clears lungs
Chamomile is used for: reducing anxiety

Nasturtium is used for: Detoxification

Magnolia is used for: Relieving sinus congestion

Lotus Seed is used for: reducing inflammation; clearing mucus; reducing cough; reducing stress

Goji Berry is used for: nutrient rich properties; antioxidant; good for the eyes; improves energy

Tangerine Peel is used for: antioxidants; lowering cholesterol; reduces mucus, cough; relieves urinary difficulties.

Honey is used for: relieving cough; soothing throats; relieving sinus congestion

Many of these teas are blended together, to maximize their benefits. We understand that many of our customers may feel uncomfortable visiting our store in-person, so our online store will be open. Although, we have a limited inventory, we are taking measures to not order any tea from China until COVID-19 settles down. We also have a limited supply of tea bags, and once those are sold out, there will only be loose tea available. We hope this list will benefit you. Stay safe.


The Finger Lakes Tea Family