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Yates County struggles with NYS mandated expenses, but looks ahead anyway

Yates County Administrator Winona Flynn says the governor’s proposed budget has a series of potential potholes for local government and taxpayers. That is to say there are policies that could make governing more difficult, or in some cases, maintaining local taxes.

She tells the Chronicle-Express, that among those issues, is the modification of the existing Medicaid cap and the federal Affordable Care Act credit. Altogether it could cost Yates County $800,000.

Those costs wouldn’t disappear, either. They would shift down to the taxpayer.

“We recognize that the Medicaid program has been growing and is making a real difference in many people’s lives,” Flynn told The Chronicle-Express. “But these costs are not controlled by counties and it’s unfair to ask local taxpayers to foot the bill for increases that we don’t control.”

Yates, like many counties in the region, sees more than 60% of its budget disappear into state-mandated programs.