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Waterloo in Bloom looks ahead for new leadership

After 18 years of leading the program, Dave & Darlene Duprey are ready to step aside.

Organized in the spring of 2002, by the Duprey’s and Bonnie Hosford,  Waterloo in Bloom was formed to prepare Waterloo to compete in America In Bloom (in 2002 & 2003), a national beautification program that fosters community involvement, patriotism and civic pride through the challenge of a friendly competition between participating communities across the country.

During the past eighteen years the committee has grown to include more than thirty members.

Using funds donated by local businesses, they plant more than 50 containers with flowers to decorate the downtown area. Flower beds along Virginia Street, at the seven welcome signs, in the four village cemeteries, Vern’s Way and the Memory Bank are all planted and maintained by Waterloo In Bloom volunteers. With the support of the Village of Waterloo, 74 hanging baskets also help beautify the village.

It has been a pleasure leading this organization for the past 18 years.  We have met a lot of wonderful hardworking people who have volunteered their time and we would like to thank them for their support throughout the years.  A large core group of members are ready to welcome new leadership with fresh ideas and renewed energy.

For more information contact the Duprey’s at  [email protected]  or the Waterloo Village Office at 315-539-9131.

Waterloo In Bloom History & Highlights


– Met with Waterloo, Canada members. Learned about America in Bloom from them. Competed in America In Bloom. Created Book documenting facts about Waterloo.
– Held first clean up day.
– Purchased and Planted redwood barrels
– Planted in front of Fire Department, welcome signs, intersections, containers though out downtown


– Competed again in America In Bloom.
– Purchased 2 concrete containers


– Received donation of “Gator” from Seneca Meadows to use for watering.
– Held Garden Contest for Village residents.


– Worked with Village to create Vern’s Way
– WIB Purchased shrubs & trees for Vern’s Way


– WIB Gave out awards to businesses – recognizing how nice they looked.


– Purchased cedar Trellis from Baker Construction for Vern’s Way entrance. Village Hired Dan’s lawn Service to install trellis and do landscaping on Vern’s Way.


– Purchased 5 more concrete containers


– Purchased 6 concrete containers
– Picnic table purchased for Memory Bank


Purchased shrubs for Welcome signs
Purchased (670) daffodils for Oak Island, Memory Bank, Dempsey park, welcome signs


– Hired Sensing Landscaping to install Fountain and landscaping in Dempsey Park. This expense was split 50/50 with the – Village of Waterloo.
– Hired Gilbert Hall to work on drainage at Memory Bank.


– Hired and paid for All Seasons Care to provide new landscaping on the Memory Bank (near canal on Locust Street). Took out old shrubs & trees, built stone wall & steps, installed new shrubs, laid landscape fabric and covered with mulch.


– Hired Davie’s Lawn Care & Landscaping to landscape in Dempsey Park. Added 12 Boxwood shrubs and other plants to area around fountain.