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Why Low-code Platform is a good fit for marketing in 2020

Marketing products have not been easy before with sales reps taking more hours engaging customers with very few conversions. With the evolution of low-code platforms in 2020, doing business and marketing has been made much easier.

Many companies are integrating tech sections even without expert knowledge, and low-code platforms are inevitable business assets. Businesspersons who are interested in building unassailable brands cannot work without them in 2020. Creatio increases access to non-expert app development, and coding information has become easier. The information makes learning for businesses more accessible in 2020 by providing business information to entrepreneurs interested in developing custom made apps for one or more functions in a company. They help businesses to upgrade from analog marketing and customer relationship management methods to more digital methods with low operating costs. Low-code platforms come with several features with increased efficiency in business.

Businesses are free to choose suitable platforms depending on need, size, and the marketing strategy used. However, these business platforms need to be simplified to make marketing more efficient, friendly, and manageable. This is the big reason why a business will need low-code platforms in 2020. Low-code platforms, therefore, make a good fit for marketing businesses and products in 2020. The following benefits of using low-code platforms in marketing make the platform more relevant and common in 2020 than ever before. 

 Engagement with stakeholders

Creating and updating applications has been made easier with the development of low-code platforms. Developing and shar5ing features with stakeholders are, therefore, made easier in 2020. The team, therefore, can respond faster to requests and changes, marking decisions on marketing needs easier to make and communicate. 

 IT skills not needed

Visual tools in low code platforms are a powerful feature every entrepreneur wants to utilize in marketing. Developing apps and utilizing them in improving visual capabilities without any IT skills and abilities is powerful. This means every member of your business team can use these features in marketing in 2020. This way, marketing and access to marketing information are made easier, and businesses can have more conversions through these features than before. 


Digital speed is key to marketing in 2020. The ability to develop apps with low code and no-code platform integration capabilities increases the speed of passing information and makes marketing faster. By staying online and engaging customers throughout the day and even night makes the business more visible and customers are exposed to more products and services than before. This makes the business more productive as more conversions are made, and less time and resources are utilized in marketing. With the increased speed, more customers are reached within a short time, making the strategy the most efficient. 


Productivity has been low, with more analog marketing features. With the development of low-code marketing in 2020, more businesses are able to get rid of small tasks and concentrate on more complex tasks. 

Is customer experience viewed as an asset to your company? Low-code platforms are known to improve customer experience through automation and an increased cloud presence. Entrepreneurs in 2020 will need to adopt low code platforms for improved customer experience. The end line effect of increased agility in the business platform is an improved customer base. Increased speed increases the marketing agility, and the wider customer base achieved translates into more sales at the time of doing business is greatly reduced. Customer to leads marketing is also increased

The ability of a business to integrate capabilities such as workflow functions that enable you to configure, perform or authorize operations by a point and click process enables a business to create orders and monitor their flow within the system better – from creation, verification, authorization, and delivery, without involving many paper works. This increases efficiency in businesses and makes marketing easier and cheaper. 

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