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Business Signage: One Step to Improving Your Business

You see signages every single day. By traversing the road, you see road signs. In the workplace, you see signage on restrooms and offices. Business establishments also put up signages that people see every day.

In running a business, one key element to let people know about your business is through signages. Aside from your branding logo or design, you also have to create creative signage for your business.

What is business signage?

Signage is a graphic display intended to point or convey information to the people. It is a great tool to show graphic visual presentation. Signage will also set your business apart from other competitors as it shows the identity of your business.

Business Signages are suitable for advertising and marketing

Business signages will let people know about your business. These signages will serve as an advertisement that will increase your brand’s exposure to bring in more customers.

It’s vital that people should easily recognize your signages. If people easily identify your brand, there will be more chances of having repeat customers. A great tip in making your signage is to show your company’s core values. Also, use the signage to its full potential.

Business Signages are cost-effective

Having signage is a cost-effective way of advertising your business. It is considerably cheaper than having advertisements in the newspaper or the radio. Even though you may take out a small investment to make one, the signage will be installed for as long as your business lasts.

Also, business signages are silent salespersons. They provide constant exposure to people than a few seconds of TV, radio, or print media exposure. Thus, business signages offer cheaper costs for advertising, yet they provide more benefits.

Business signages is a year-round advertisement

As mentioned above, business signages are cheaper than newspaper and radio advertisements. Signages work all year round – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, having business signages is a worthy investment.

Types of Signages

Here are some of the common types of signages:

Outdoor signages

This is an essential type of signage that every business should have. This is what sends people to the door of your company. Your exterior signage will make the first impression on customers since it is the first thing they see.

The job of these signs is not merely to let people know your business, but to bring them inside your store or company. They should effectively encourage people who pass by your store every day to eventually enter out of curiosity. These signs can be entrance signs, sidewalk signs, or window signs. The best place to put these signages is on areas that are visible for walk-ins and drive-by traffic.

Information signages

These are also known as directional signages. They are put to lead customers to where your business is. And when your store is located, these signs will also let the customers know what you are offering.

Information signages should be easy to read and concise so that customers will easily understand your signage in a glance. It is best to make the text large, bold, and exciting color schemes to make your signage pop.

Persuasive signages

Persuasive signages should do their job and convince people that they need something from your store. Using these signages allows you to communicate with your customers as they will influence customer flow and interaction with your unnoticed products.

These signs are an excellent opportunity for you to provide specific information about specific products. Aside from being informative, it would be best if you inject something witty, creative, and eye-catching to draw in more customers effectively.

How to make them

The first thing you have to decide is the material you will use for your business signage. These can be neon, electronic, wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

The next thing you have to decide on is the color of your signage. Make sure the colors are attractive and cohesive at the same time.

The last element should be the size of your signage. It should be big enough to be seen by potential customers. It’s important for your message to be readable, that’s why you should make the text of your signage big and bold. Your business name and product should be prominent, while your address and contact number can be smaller.

You can make your signages by DIY, but make sure that you know how to do so as not to waste money. Another option is to have it done by professional signage makers like You can ask these professionals to make your business signage according to your specifications.


Business signages are productive investments since they can serve several purposes. They will serve as a cheap yet effective advertisement for your business. Although finding and making business signage can be difficult at first, when you get the hang of it, it will effectively drive great attention to your business.

Author’s bio:

Rebecca Nelson is a freelance writer and marketing analyst living in Brooklyn. Reading books, writing, and painting are just some of the hobbies she enjoys during her spare time. Her background in painting makes Rebecca well versed in the topics involving art and graphic design.

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