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Seneca Waterways Council says bankruptcy won’t impact local programs

As Boy Scouts of America says it will file for bankruptcy – local officials say that process is best for the organization as a whole.

“While it is premature for us to speculate on what the possible financial ramifications will be on our Council with the National Council filing Chapter 11, the fact that we are separately incorporated and most of our assets are donor restricted, would at best, indicate we could have limited involvement,” Scout Executive Stephen Hoitt said.

He says weekly meetings will continue, camps will continue to run, and that their programming overall will move forward throughout the region.

“Additionally, we will continue to enforce the strictest youth protection program guidelines of any youth program in the country and if a leader uses Scouting for malicious purposes, we will aggressively push legal actions where possible,” he added.

“It is vitally important to know that, despite national BSA restructuring, Seneca Waterways Council remains focused on and committed to our mission and being good stewards of your financial support,” Hoitt added. “We will continue, without distraction, to run a strong and safe scouting program for my kids and your kids, and to develop them into great productive members of our community for generations to come.”