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Police: Seneca Falls man gave two false ID’s during traffic stop, now faces multiple felony charges

Police say a Seneca Falls man was arrested on felony charges following a traffic stop on Bayard Street.

Oscar Sharman, 36, of Seneca Falls was stopped by police for a motor vehicle registration violation. They say the vehicle he was operating was suspended for an insurance lapse.

During the traffic stop Sharhan provided police with two false names and was found to be operating the vehicle while intoxicated.

Once police determined his real name, they determined that he had a previous DWI conviction in the last decade. He also had a revoked license, and was intended to be driving with an interlock device – if driving legally.

He was charged with DWI, driving with a BAC over 0.08, aggravated AUO; all of which are felonies. H e was also charged with several misdemeanors.

Sharman is scheduled to appear at a later date.