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Cuomo says he doesn’t respond to politics, but changes to cashless bail possible in budget

The New York State Budget could include a fix to the controversial cashless bail law enacted January 1st.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, appearing in a radio interview on AM 970, said that the budget would be the likely spot for legislative change.

“We’re talking to everyone. What’s the continuing change, the continuing refinement and we’re having those conversations right now and I believe when we do the state budget April 1, that by the time we get to budget we will have had a chance to look at the data, look at the facts and decide what to do intelligently,” Cuomo said in the interview. “I don’t want to respond to politics.”

Lawmakers have discussed changes, but it hasn’t been clear if any provisions would make it all the way through the legislative finish line. This is the first signal to suggest that changes could come this year.

“It’s not one change then you’re done,” Cuomo added in the radio interview. “You make a change, you watch, you refine, you recalibrate, and that’s what the Legislature is working on now and I’m working with them.”

While bail reform has been part of active legislative discussions – the discovery changes have not, which is an important, and locally-relevant point – as counties look at ways to navigate those changes imposed in 2019.