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Cuomo says he’s open to making changes to bail reform

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he’s open to making changes to the new bail reform law. It comes amid major pushback from law enforcement and other groups across the state.

The Governor was in Oswego on Wednesday talking about Lake Ontario, but addressed concerns some raised with changes to bail reform.

“You change one part, then you step back and you see what the effect is and you adjust accordingly,” Cuomo said. “So let’s get the facts, let’s get the data and let’s make the system better. I think that’s the only smart way forward.”

The state’s bail law eliminates cash bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes. The governor said he supports the idea behind bail reform, saying it levels the playing field between those who have money to get out on bail and those who cannot afford to post bail.

Opponents of the changes say they go too far, and discovery changes have put an unfair burden on departments across the state, too.