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Gaming commission announces penalties for Magee Fire Department after bingo scandal

On Monday, the Magee Fire Department learned their fate after an investigation into dozens of gaming violations.

Through bingo events, bell jar, and raffle sales – the department was accused of failing to provide necessary reports, and was accused of not having proper checks-and-balances in place for holding those events.

The New York State Gaming Commission softened the blow to the fire department by noting that any penalty issued may be suspended if the department complies with all bingo regulations moving forward.

That also assumes no new violations are found.

The penalty would be a one year suspension of the department’s bingo license, as well as $5,000 fine.

Hearing Officer Clark Petschek made the recommendation, which was agreed to by a 4-0 count.

They must immediately become compliant with all charitable gaming laws and regulations. The penalties could be dismissed in-full if the department complies over the next three years.