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War of words continues between Trump and Cuomo

The war of words between President Donald Trump and Governor Andrew Cuomo is continuing. This time, though, it’s continuing over Twitter.

The two went back and forth on Twitter after President Trump said Cuomo cancelled a meeting with him to discuss the recent suspension of the Trusted Traveler Program for New Yorkers.

“Governor Cuomo wanted to see me this weekend. He just canceled. Very hard to work with New York,” Trump tweeted. “So stupid. All they do is sue me all the time!”

Cuomo responded later with a tweet of his own, calling Trump’s assertion that he cancelled a meeting ‘fake news’.

“My office requested a meeting with Trump to discuss why all he does is attack NYS — hurting ALL NY’ers, Democrats AND Republicans, with the SALT tax increase, Gateway, LaGuardia, Second Ave Subway, and now by impeding airport and border crossings with his political revocation of TTP,” Cuomo said. “His legacy will be that no President has ever told NY to ‘drop dead’ more times than Trump.”

Cuomo says he’s still waiting to find out when the President will meet with him to discuss issues of federal policy that impact New York.