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Big changes could be coming to Canandaigua Airport

Officials in Canandaigua are looking at ways to improve the city’s Airport.

In the short-term, that means removing vegetation identified as ‘airspace obstructions’, according to About 18 acres of land has been called on to be part of the fix, but that means working with a lot of local neighbors to buy pieces of land.

Bob Mincer, a pilot and manager of the airport, tells that tree growth and birds are a major challenge.

The plan isn’t to strip the land, but rather replace the disturbed areas with new grasses.

Altogether there are eight landowners officials will need to work with.

“The agreements would permit the airport to remove existing vegetation that penetrates the identified approach surfaces, prevent the construction of new facilities that penetrate the surfaces, and compensate the affected landowners based on the appraised fair market value of the land to be acquired in fee of the avigation easement area,” documents say. “The exact terms of the agreements will be on a case by case basis.”