6 Metal Fabrication Business Ideas to Start This 2020

There are a lot of opportunities in the steel and metals industry where your business can profit and become successful. However, since this is the case, a lot of people have been investing and establishing their names and business in the industry.

Looking at your local market, canvassing different business ideas by looking at your local establishments and service providers, you may get an idea or two as to what kind of business you want to build in the steels and metals industry.

Nuts and Bolts

The demand for nuts and bolts is in high demand in the market as of late. Think of them as industrial fasteners that adds safety to different operations and services in most businesses. They are small and can be mass-produced. Because of this, it is easy to meet the demands of your clients.

Also, they don’t need a very big capital since the raw materials for the product are easy to obtain.

You also don’t need to exert much effort in finding your clients since a lot of industries require nuts and bolts. Some of them are the electrical industry, construction industry, and transportation industry.

Mobile Welder

If you want to start a small-scale business, try considering a mobile welder. You can get started with a cheap stick welder and you won’t be needing a large workshop to work with since you will be going to your clients yourself.

It is a good idea for a base business since you can spread the quality of your work through working for a lot of people. You can run a few mobile welders at once with a little capital and grow into a more significant business once you establish a client base.

Iron Rods Supply

Although supplying iron is a good business that has a lot of potentials, there are a few things you have to consider before establishing one. Iron is typically found in iron ores, which can be found on excavation sites.

If you are near a processing plant that produces metal, supplying them in nearby clients wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you aren’t, there can be difficulty in the delivery of the materials.

Also, you aren’t in the know of the capacity of the plant’s production. This is difficult as you will not be able to expect them to keep up in your demand. If you manage to overcome these, however, you will have a profitable venture. The market is always in need of iron, so finding clients would be comfortable.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is a business that is steadily growing and is popular in the industry. This furniture is both in high demand commercially and personally by a lot of people. Also, the design aspect of this business involves a broad demographic, so the profit will be worth the significant capital or investment that you need for this business.

Not only is wrought iron popular in furniture. It also involves other housing materials such as handrails, doors, gates, windows, and metal table bases. It can be applied to custom metal artworks that are gaining popularity these days. You can see them on various sites on the internet, such as the Creative Metal Design website.

Nails Manufacturing Business

Another business idea that is sure to gain a lot of profit nowadays is the nail manufacturing business. A lot of construction companies need a large nail production business as they go hand in hand in the industry.

Most nail production businesses require pure metals to produce different types of nails, which is expensive to boot. If you don’t like the idea of acquiring precious metals, you can purchase scrap metals and recycle them to produce nails of your own. It is cheaper, and the resources are easy to obtain.

Steel Fabrication

Another significant business venture to start this year is the steel fabrication business. With only a moderate amount of investment, you can get a lot of profit within this business as its services are in high demand in the industry.

Automotive production, construction, cutleries, furniture, and infrastructure services, are just some of the businesses you can work with to gain a lot of profit.

The process of steel fabrication involves cutting, bending, and assembling, which is in high demand in the industry these days, thus giving it a lot of potential in the market. With a high demand in the market, a steady growing client base, and moderate investment, this is sure to be an excellent decision to start this business.

Also, if you choose a location where modernization is growing, you can monopolize the market as it is highly likely that you will be the first one to establish a steel fabrication business there.

Moreover, if you have a background in mechanical engineering, this will be a huge plus since this is related to the business.


The steel and metals industry is a large market with a very high chance of making it big if you manage to secure a client base and a good reputation. However, these businesses require a reasonable amount of time to plan and invest. Make sure to seek advice from other business owners and learn from your competitors.

Author’s bio:

Rebecca Nelson is a marketing strategist and freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She enjoys writing, reading and painting during her free time. Aside from marketing, Rebecca is well versed in topics revolving around art and graphic design.