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Unusual Business Ideas in 2020

What business ideas will surprise in 2020? In this collection, we have gathered unusual startups that will crush to bone traditional types of business. Take them to note and action!

Salt Cave – a Startup that Needs Minimal Investments

Salt rooms or salt caves began to appear en masse in the cities of the country several years ago and the process of their “reproduction” has not yet subsided. On average, for every 100-120 thousand people in large cities, there are two salt caves. The reasons for the popularity of this business are very simple: it does not require much experience, any special knowledge, permissions from the authorities and serious investments. The essence of the business is simple: with the help of a specialized company, you make repairs in a small room in which a design is created in the form of a cave consisting of salt. Visitors come to breathe in an air saturated with salts, which allows them to improve their health and calm their nerves. Of course, for the guests to come to you and with a calm soul give you money for the air, the cave needs to be beautifully decorated.

Trying on Jewelry Using Augmented Reality

It’s not the first year that AR has been walking on the planet and affecting the most unexpected spheres of life from bingosites to high-tech training bases. Helzberg Diamonds has developed the concept of a new generation digital store. Using augmented reality technology, the company has modernized the process of buying its own jewelry. Virtual Ring Experience gives customers the opportunity to try on over a hundred products before buying. Any ring can be seen in detail on a 24-inch 4K screen, evaluate it on your own finger and at different viewing angles. Customers can also send photos of their fittings to friends using social networks and email. So take an example and do the same for your customers.

Stick and Go! Make a Stickershop to Please the Youngest Consumers

Stickers are a popular topic among teenagers and youth today and a good business format. The heroes of the stickers can be famous cartoon heroes, movie heroes, singers and various famous personalities. In large cities of the country, specialized outlets even began to appear – sticker shops, which, in addition to stickers, sell various unusual souvenirs for fans of certain heroes.

Instagram is Your Key to Success

Today, there are many ways to do business through Instagram, ranging from the sale of finished goods or services to earnings on the social network itself, namely the promotion and administration of accounts, the sale of Instagram photos or completing tasks. The uniqueness of the site is that it allows you to find options for both easy money and business for the soul like blogging on your favorite topic. With the growth of popularity, many Instagram bloggers begin to earn on the sale of advertising posts.

Do You Visit Psychotherapist? Others Also Do!

There are many directions for the business in conducting training and their number is constantly growing, however, the entrepreneur who has got involved in this business is constantly faced with two problems: how to ensure a stable flow of clients to their trainings and what program to offer them to come to the training more than once, but would go to them constantly. An interesting format that solves these two problems is a psychological salon, which has parallels with the literary and political salons of the 18th-19th centuries. The hostess of the psychological salon is usually a woman who plays the role of the host of courses, psychological games and training programs. Thanks to this club format and the use of modern techniques for the rapid development of training programs, you can build an exciting and stable business that is ideal for women who are in search of “business for the soul”.

Children’s Place Is Always in Demand

Kindergartens are excellent, but what to do with children at the weekend, after the time in kindergarten, or simply if you have not sent your child to an educational institution? This question is plaguing many people around the world. Especially if there is no opportunity to hire a nanny. But you can turn the demand for such services into a profitable business. All that is needed is a room, a desire and various toys.

One of the most promising niches is children’s education, namely, children’s development clubs. The key issue in this business is the development of an educational program. If you do not want or cannot create it yourself, you can purchase one of the franchises. The latter often offer ready-made methods with lesson plans for classes.

Hotel for Animals or a Pet Cafe

Just a few years ago, no one knew the word “zoological hotel”. There was a word “shelter” and all, but the zoological hotels are already something else. The format implies a certain service: you can not only leave the animal to a caring owner but also be sure that they will be treated perfectly, properly fed, cared for and cherished. The largest number of hotels (there are already more than 300 in millionaires) have opened in the largest cities whose residents are faced with the problem of a lack of places for keeping animals. Maybe, your city strives for that business idea too?

Conventional anti-cafe now no one is surprised: the last two or three years in various cities, various kinds of “zoo-cafes” have begun to open, in which visitors are allowed to chat with cats, puppies, and raccoons. Most often, guests pay for the time spent in the institution, but for an additional fee, you can order a photoshoot with animals, or even buy one of the pets for yourself. Of course, there should be several pets in such an anti-cafe, otherwise, the whole meaning of the format will be lost.

New startups are sometimes shocking and quite unusual but you can see that original ideas are sold perfectly because every year the consumer becomes more sophisticated and to surprise him you need more and more efforts.

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