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Here are the projects up for consideration as Seneca Falls’ moves forward in DRI process

More than 20 different projects have been proposed in Seneca Falls as the Downtown Revitalization Initiative moves forward.

The Town has $10 million to work with, and a number of community proposals came forward in the public process that played out between December and late-January.

The town can submit up to $15 million to the state for approval. The state will choose $10 million in projects to be completed.

Here are the major projects up for consideration, ranked by cost:

– $3.2 million for 10 Fall Street, which is the former town municipal building. It has been vacant for a number of years, and the town is working through a potential sale of the property now. The funds would be used to create a performing arts center.

– $3.2 million for continued work at the Seneca Knitting Mill, which is the soon-to-be home of the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

– $2.8 million for the Lakeview apartments located at 2 Fall Street.

– $2.37 million for construction of a new annex for display and exhibits at 55 Cayuga Street. The Seneca Falls Historical Society is leading this effort.

– $1.87 million to facilitate upgrades and expansions to the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum at 32 Fall Street. The total cost of the project is $5.3 million.

– $1 million to upgrade the commercial area along the northern shore of the canal.

– $817,890 for improvements to the King Block, between 90-100 Fall Street. The parking lot would also undergo improvements.

– $817,890 to renovate the former church at 140 Fall Street. This effort is being led by the Women’s Interfaith Institute.

– $800,000 for the Huntington Apartments. Home Leasing Inc. plans to spend $16.3 million to fully-overhaul the building.

– $750,000 for improving the streetscape in downtown Seneca Falls.

– $750,000 to renovate permanent exhibits, facade upgrades, signs, balcony, and conference room at the Seneca Falls Visitor Center located at 89 Fall Street.

– $500,000 to upgrade the interior and exterior of the Gould Hotel. It’s a $1 million project.

– $500,000 to improve the south shore of the canal. It would create a more walkable space, for events that are held on both sides of the canal throughout the year.

Here are the other requests:

Historic Pathway – $480,000
It’s a Wonderful Life Bridge – $430,000
Culinary Arts Studio & Apartments – $400,000
Finger Lakes Health Institute – $400,000
Avicolli’s Restaurant – $400,000
Ludovico Sculpture Trail – $338,000
Seneca Falls Brewing Co. – $250,000
Downtown Maintenance – $600,000