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Plastic bag ban comes with a hefty fine if stores violate new single-use law

While most stores – including local grocery stores – get ready for the plastic bag ban, a few questions remain.

One of the major ones involving enforcement: Who is going to be policing the ban? What if someone, or a company decides that they will not observe it?

To be clear, it doesn’t appear as though any businesses are considering this tactical move – as the state goes ahead with the plastic bag ban that was adopted last year.

March 1st is the official start date for the legislation. That said, some stores have already switched.

The bottom line is that New York State is the only agency policing the new law. Violations cost $250 for ‘first timers’ and $500 for every violation that follows in the same calendar year.

In theory, a grocery store could rack up a number of violations in just a few minutes – so it’s unlikely that any test the legal waters of not adhering to the law.