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Two raccoon attacks in Wayne County: Rabbies tests due back soon

A pair of people were attacked this week in Wayne County by a raccoon. It’s unclear if the animals were rabid, according to officials.

Veronica LaFave-Boughton, rabies coordinator for Wayne County Public Health told the Finger Lakes Times that one person was treated for rabies because the raccoon ran away.

In the other case, the raccoon was killed and tested. The attacks were reported in the town of Rose.

“Usually we only start it if they’re bit in the face” and thus close to the brain, she told the FLT, adding that people generally have seven to 10 days to get treatment if they are bit by a rabid animal.

In 2019 there were a dozen confirmed cases of rabies in Wayne County. That’s an uptick, according to public health officials.

There’s no immediate protection from the viral disease. It’s typically transmitted through a bite, which means that keeping a distance away from any potentially infected animals is a good practice.

If you’re bit by a wild animal seek medical attention and call Wayne County Public Health at (315) 946-5749.