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No confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York; 11 tested so far

There still aren’t any confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York.

Even though the World Health Organization has declared it a ‘global emergency’ the number of confirmed cases remains at zero.

Symptoms of the virus include shortness of breath, fever, and cough. It can appear like the flu or a common cold, but symptoms tend to worsen over a short window, according to health professionals.

For those who have traveled to China recently and are experiencing these symptoms, Rochester General Hospital’s infectious disease physician says the most important thing to do is put on a mask and visit your doctor.

“I think the second most important thing is to keep in mind that if you have those symptoms right now, because there have not been any reported cases in New York or Monroe County, it’s more likely you have the flu or the common cold, because we’re in the middle of the flu season,” said Dr. Emil Lesho told 13WHAM-TV. “And what we take for granted or we fail to realize sometimes is that the flu is infecting a lot more people and it’s killing a lot more people.”

Officials say that 11 people have been tested for the virus in New York, but none of those tests have come back positive.