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Dundee man sentenced for abusing teen he drugged

A Dundee man who was accused and convicted of sexually abusing a teen girl was sentenced to a lengthy prison term this week in Yates County Court.

Yates County Judge Jason Cook sentenced Ramon Johnson to nine years behind bars followed by 15 years of parole after Johnson pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted criminal sexual act, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

The 38-year-old was arrested in June and was accused of giving a teen girl drugs to diminish her ability to fight off the attack.

“Mr. Johnson is a career criminal who has already been in prison twice,” Casella told the FLT. “His conduct is atrocious and he took no responsibility. He wants everyone to pity him. He does not deserve pity.”

Assistant Public Defender Karen Madsen, who represented Johnson in this case, told media that she believed he was innocent, but pleaded guilty due to criminal record.