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Communities around Sodus show big support as highway overhaul begins

Since the devastating fire that destroyed the Sodus Town Highway Department building – teamwork has paid off.

“It looks like there’s going to be a lot of scraps,” Sodus Town Highway Superintendent Dale Pickering said to WHEC-TV.

Even though most of their equipment was damaged or destroyed in the blaze, it doesn’t mean the work does.

“We’ve just been holding our own and keeping the trucks,” Pickering continued. “We have everybody’s spare trucks here and you can see seven towns have donated to us so far.”

Multiple communities around Sodus have stepped up and helped out. Sodus Town Supervisor Scott Johnson says that with the help of neighbors and the community – the tragedy has been a little easier to deal with.

“It’s still a tragedy but with the help of your friends you can get by,” Supervisor Johnson told WHEC-TV. “The surrounding towns are great. The fire was on a Saturday night and Monday morning Dale called a meeting of the Association of Towns and it was a very humbling meeting for me. I was still on the out of town council but we had trucks offered from every town around.”

He says the town has started conversations with the insurance company, to ensure that they have their own trucks on local roads as soon as possible.

“We did receive our payment for the building itself which we went to the limit and we are waiting now in a couple weeks we should be able to settle up on the trucks,” Johnson added.

Pickering said that other communities have been immensely helpful throughout the process.

“If we need another truck I can have another truck here in 10 minutes it’s not a problem,” Pickering concluded.

Once the investigation is complete – the garage can be torn down. But in the meantime, it sits – as a stern reminder of the fire that challenged the community of Sodus – at the end of the holiday season.