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Affordable housing units at Keuka Gardens filling up fast in Yates County

Finger Lakes Economic Development Center CEO Steve Griffin says Keuka Gardens is already filling up.

He reported that more than three-quarters of the units have been filled. It’s an excitement move in the development pushed forward by Home Leasing Co.

The property boasts several two-bedroom apartments, as well as 36 one-bedroom units. There’s a community room, fitness center, secure storage, and other crucial amenities for modern rental units.

It’s a project that tackles the affordable housing crisis parts of the region face, too.

Griffin told the board that 25 of the one-bedroom units are renting for $562 per month. Meanwhile, 11 of the units are renting for $625 per month.

Those units, 31 of them to be precise are targeted for households with incomes at or below 50-60% of median income. Eleven units are reserved for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Chronicle-Express also reports that the Keuka Shores project on Route 54 is moving along. Griffin told them that multiple buildings are at several stages of development.

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