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Rep. Katko throws support behind President Trump for 2020

Four years ago Congressman John Katko (R-24) called for President Donald Trump to drop out of the race.

Now he’s supporting him for a second term.

Rep. Katko says he will continue to speak out against Trump when he disagrees, but for now, his support stands with the President in the 2020 election.

His main reason for supporting Trump in 2020 is tied to the economy. He also believes national security is stronger now than it has been before.

“I weigh these accomplishments against the far-left proposals we’re hearing from the Democrats running for president: Medicare-for-All, open borders and trillions of dollars in new spending,” Katko said. “We cannot afford the extreme policies being championed by the left, which would result in higher taxes for every American and a guaranteed debt crisis for our country. Given this choice, I will support President Trump this November.”

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