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How to Prepare for a Small Move Cross Country

Long-distance relocation is a very responsible stage in every person’s life since there are very few chances to correct any mistakes if you make any. It makes no difference whether you plan to move the whole house or take only some of the things with you, this life-changing event requires thorough preparation. Here is a list of things to consider planning a small move across the country. 


  • Plan in advance


Even if you plan to take a minimum of your belongings moving far away, it is still important not to postpone everything for the last minute. You should make up a detailed plan with the tasks to be completed and deadlines met. It would be great if you mark up the completion of every stage to clearly understand the amount of work to be done in the future.  


  • Make up a checklist


A small move does not involve taking many things with, but it is important to understand that stress caused by moving is growing on a daily basis and there are high chances to lose or forget anything. Moreover, a checklist will help you after arrival at a new home since it will make unpacking easier and quicker. 

One more important point to remember if you move far away with a minimum of things is to take only necessary items. Experts advice to avoid taking furniture across the country since it may be cheaper to sell it and buy new ones on site rather than move it for a long distance. Therefore, it will be reasonable to make a preliminary inventory and get rid of the things you do not plan to take. It is possible to sell them and get some money for your relocation or new purchases.


  • Find cross-country movers


The fact that you move only with some belongings does not prevent you from hiring However, it is possible to save on cross-country relocation if you share a truck or van with other people moving in the same direction. Of course, it can be not easy to find such a moving company for a certain time period, but it is worth trying to do so if your budget is limited. Moreover, it is important to ask for quotes from different companies to be able to compare not only the cost of relocation but also the services included in it. 


  • Warn all the companies and establishments that send you bills about your relocation


It is natural that utility providers, banks, post office, and many other companies may send you bills, notifications, letters, so you should inform them about your plans to move in advance. It would also be great if you ask someone to inform you about any letters that might be delivered to the previous address as well as provide this person and companies with your new address and telephone in case of any unpredictable situations.  


  • Plan your route


Moving across the country is a time-consuming and painstaking process. When you have already set the relocation time and date with a moving company, it is time to book tickets for you and your family members too. Otherwise, you may have difficulties with getting around and be late for the arrival of your possessions. Usually, such long distances are covered on the plane, but you should also think about how to get to and from the airport. You may need to purchase several tickets and change transportation means, so it is better to do that in advance to have a choice. 


  • Pack a bag of essentials


It goes without saying that some things are going to move together with you, and this bag of essentials should be carefully packed in accordance with a separate checklist compiled. According to such bags include money and documents, medications, foods, and cosmetics, things that can’t be transported by the company. This bag will be much bigger if you move with kids or a pet, so think twice about what to put into it. 


  • Get quality packing materials and label boxes


Long-distance moving requires professional and careful packing since items must be transported for a big distance and they suffer from more pressure and impact. Therefore, you should not save on packing materials when it comes to such moves. All belongings should be packed by professionals and arranged in the truck carefully to be delivered to the final destination in the best condition. One more important point is to label and number every box to prevent losses and make your unpacking simpler too.

Moving across the country has never been an easy process and the fact that you do not have many things to take with will not make it much easier. It is important to understand how responsible it is to change your place of living and prepare for this process thoroughly. These simple tips will let you make your cross-country repositioning smooth and scheduled which are important factors in the success of your move.

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