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Speno Music in Auburn given new beginning on back taxes

More time is coming. In fact, a whole decade of new time is coming.

Speno Music Inc., who owes nearly $85,000 in back taxes agreed to pay the total back with interest over the next decade.

The back taxes have loomed for the music store since 2009. And on Thursday, Auburn City Council gave a green light to the new deal.

The resolution was passed unanimously by those who were present, according to The Citizen. One Councilmember, Debra McCormick was not present at the meeting.

But the City isn’t the only entity that’s owed funds from that back tax total. The school district and county also are owed money from that $85,000 total.

Under the terms of the new agreement the city would have 10 days to inform the business that they defaulted, then another 15 days to make payment. If payment isn’t rendered per the scheduled timeline – the property could be foreclosed on.

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